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Is it worthy to buy popular domain?

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I think this post has been wrote at other blogz.. But after look some of blog like Desinotes and .. I think they can't reach their x-writer..
Vinay is not good as Sunny and new writer of cashquests can't get emore comment from his/her post.. It is a shame... I think the blog reputation is too high to catch...
So I don't think it is worthy to buy popular domain.. Maybe we can get unknown domain and just try to get some network.. Yes it will take time but you will have a loyal readers that always follow me..
I know my blog will get more loyal readers and with the passionate about it the readers will come.. Never give up.. Be yourself.. And success will come.. Don't think the success blogger like johnchow or shoemoney..
Just bring in on what have in your mind.. And your writing skills will improve.. I know maybe some of you will criticise of my blog but I won't care..
What really I care is do what I like... Fun your blog and never stress yourself.. Buy domain that you think suitable for you.....

Look at Johncow .. At first he become a copycat of success Now he can established with his own.. He is such my idol.....Keep up good work..

p/s : I'm sorry to Vinay and new cashquests writer.. It is just my opinion coz I'm loyal readers before... Also sorry for loyal readers coz this post is quite serious..


1 Response to "Is it worthy to buy popular domain?"

Sunny said... 10:26 AM

It's only ok to buy the domain if you continue the work of the previous owner because he or she has established a foundation of users and they will leave if you don't have the same content as the previous owners.


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