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Maybe some of you remember Sunny,
Now he just comeback with another sensational blog,'t know why he choose garam ( in Malay language , garam means 'salt')
He just started this new blog.. And topics about don't blog like the big boys is a good tips for newbie....
Just be yourself... Don't push to become another Johnchow, Shoemoney or Problogger...

Good to see he come back.... Can't wait to see Kumiko ,
Anybody know where she is???


3 Responses to "Blog Review" said... 4:16 PM

Thanks for the introduction bud. Lolz I chose "garam" to add some desi taste to the blogsphere and "garam" means HOT in bengali/hindi/urdu so thats why. But wow, I thought it would be the same in Malayalam. Again thanks for the introduction.

shy guy said... 7:06 PM

Ops sorry sunny.. Not Malayalam..
Malay language.. Malaysia, Indonesia... said... 11:33 PM

ohhhh ok, that makes sense. Yeah in the Desi languages it means "hot" so, I'm referring my blog to be a hot blog.


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