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Rush Tide, website template designer

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Another website template for designer..
I am interesting about this website because they have many template such plain html website design, wordpress, joomla and .
The website look cool and simple.

Their feature

* Online Web Template Designer
* Fancy Page Borders with Alpha Transparencies
* Over 100 Color Schemes or Create Your Own
* Custom Page Backgrounds
* One, Two or Three Column Layouts
* Customizable Header, Menus, Buttons and Widget Blocks
* Cool Drop Shadow, Glow Effects and Gradients
* Export to Wordpress, Joomla, Master Pages or Plain HTML
* Define custom exports to support any web software.
* Our advanced AJAX user experience makes designing super fast and responsive.
* No potentially dangerous software to download and install on your computer.
* Even if you get a new computer or your hard drive crashes your designs will be safely stored on our servers.

Just survey yourself about this website template designer art RUshTide


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