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RockMelt, A Facebook browser

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Isn't it cool or make us headache with new technology??
A netscape founder, Marc Andreessen is making a new browser named RockMelt that is being created by a pair of former business partner.The Times reported that language that was included in the privacy policy indicated that it is designed to work somehow with Facebook.n an interview with the Times earlier this summer, Andreessen hinted that he was backing creation of a new browser but didn't provide details, only saying, "There are all kinds of things that you would do differently if you are building a browser from scratch."

David Coursey from PCWOrld think that ROckMelt browser will become facebook OS. He thinks that RockMelt could become a browser that supports new social networking applications within the browser rather than online. It could, for example, include features like StumbleUpon's URL sharing and FriendFeed's aggregation within the browser. Or maybe it will offer an API that allows social networks to access RockMelt-only functionality.

Let's wait and see..


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