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Enable your site with animated talking

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Do you want to customize your site with animated model ?

Not just the collection, you also can create your own animated model..
It is great if you own business coz it will interact your customer..

SitePal lets you easily create and add an animated speaking character to your web site, Flash application, email, blog, PowerPoint, or eBay auction, making it more personal and persuasive. SitePal is fully compatible with all hosting providers & web server technologies and languages.

Try our demo editor below to create your own speaking character in minutes. When you have a SitePal account, you will also get an online publishing wizard that lets you easily publish any character you created live. No downloads, hosting or programming knowledge is required.

SitePal avatars are helping over 10,000 small businesses connect and communicate with their customers.

So let's try SitePal


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