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Create Comic online

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Do you want to make a comic.. But don't have skills to draw.. Don't worry there's a website that help you to generate your own comic character.
The interface is thankfully straightforward, and helpful for those just looking to get their work up. You get up to six panels per strip and a roster of drag-and-drop humans, beings, objects, shapes, and speech bubbles.You can print or publish it, which saves it to the StripGenerator servers.
Isn't it cool?
Sample of comic strip

Then try yourself. Click picture above

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1 Response to "Create Comic online"

Anonymous said... 11:46 AM

If you're interested in creating, sharing and remixing comics online, check out Pixton!

Pixton's powerful and intuitive comic creator is click and drag simple to use. Design every aspect of your character and move it into position - even spin it 360 degrees! Create a 3-panel strip or a 12-row epic. Automatic translation on foreign-language comics makes it fun for all.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Creator of Pixton DIY Comics


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