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Socialspark - Social media marketing

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Whoa.. another social media website..
But this is more interesting.. We've got opportunity to make money from this program..

SocialSpark, a new social network developed by IZEA that launches recently on private alpha testing.
SocialSpark is totally difference from other social network whereby it designed to build around the idea of relationship forging between bloggers and advertisers.
Meanwhile, SocialSpark offers more than paid blogging services whereby it offer the ability for bloggers and advertisers alike to create public profiles, search for, friend and message one another, and contact one another with all sorts of exciting.
Beside that, SocialSpark has their own website ranking system whereby they have the own analytics engine that combines detail profiles to rank your website. It enable advertisers to view the specs of each blog right on the SocialSpark website.
Plus more, SocialSpark offer a new monetize media to generate extra internet income on their Sponsored Post, Blog Sponsorship and Spark services.

There's some debate maybe Socialspark is SCAM but I think I'll try it coz it is new..And nothing to pay..

Let's try now


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