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Edit Movies and burn DVD

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Do you want to make your DVD movie collection?? Hire somebody to do the work?? Why waste your money .. You also can edit and make movie. Isn't it cool?? I just found a latest update from ROxio software that will help you to become pro on editing and burning DVD...

Roxio Creator 2009 is a massive suite of applications that covers nearly everything you can do with or to CDs and DVDs and their photo, audio, data, or video contents. Burning, backing up, transcoding video, editing audio--you name it, Creator does it.

The latest release has a revamped interface that refines the centralized application launcher found in the last few incarnations. The confusing list of application names has given way to a complete task-oriented menu, with clear labels such as ‘Create CDs', ‘Create labels', and ‘Play movies'. (The confusingly named ‘Plug'n Burn video cam to DVD' is still there, however.) Creator 2009 still has a multitude of separate modules, but the modules now make it much easier to get where you need to go. Roxio plans to work more functionality directly into the launch application itself in future versions, but for now you get the same basic burn and copy function found in previous versions of Creator.

Read whole review from PCWorld

So why wait.. Let's become a pro movie maker..


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