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Norton Internet Security 2009 review

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Do u know about Norton?? I think most of us know about Norton product.. They are expert with computer protection software.

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The good: Internet Security 2009 has a leaner footprint, improved speed, white listing and other technologies to mark clean files as trusted, and free technical support.

The bad: Despite its free telephone support, Norton Internet Security 2009 lacks adequate online technical support and, either intentionally or not, drives users to its paid technical support services.

The bottom line: Norton Internet Security 2009 hits all the right security notes and its superior protection technologies might even win back some jaded anti-Symantec folks, though for some technical support may continue to frustrate

Specifications: License qty: 3 PC in one household ; License type: Complete package ; Min Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic , Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 , Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2 , Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium , Microsoft Windows Vista Business , Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate , Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2 ;

review from pcmag
ottom Line

This is definitely the slimmest, most unobtrusive Norton ever. Its protection is top-notch where it counts, though antispam and parental controls are still weak. As the best all-around security suite yet (I'll be installing it myself), it's our new Editors' Choice.

Minimal performance impact. Extremely effective spyware and virus protection. High-powered, comprehensive firewall. Free, proactive support. Phishing protection. Automated log-in, form-fill. Network map with remote configuration.

Antispam misses too much, blocks too many valid messages. Rudimentary parental controls. Network map allows no remote correction of reported problems.

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