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Avira news

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I just received an email from Avira team.. Do you know Avira?? Avira is one of leading antivirus..
Okay this is the email..

The (virtual) world is currently kept in suspense by the Conficker worm. However, the 70 million Avira users around the world can relax, as they are protected from this.
Note: The Conficker worm is detected and removed by the AntiVir products. Please remember to upgrade for free to the new version!
We wish you well - and remain safe!
Your Avira Team

And Avira teams just smack the Conficker worm( Next entry I will find info about this virus)..
This is their press center
Tettnang, 30 March 2009 – In a few days the worm known as Conficker has become more active. No reason to worry: The current anti-virus solutions from Avira recognize and remove the harmful program.

In order to be on the safe side, Avira strongly recommends its users to install the current Version 9 of AntiVir, which offers enhanced detection and elimination routines. The new version is faster since it has more processors or processor cores at its disposal.

The update offers users of the free Avira AntiVir Personal additional spyware detection and does not require any additional anti-spyware solution on the system. The new version can be downloaded from The users of Avira AntiVir Premium or Avira Premium Security Suite can download the update for their product from the Avira website. The license for Version 8 can be used with the current Version 9 until the end of the license period.

SO why use other antivirus?? Let's get Avira


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