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What I read today - Top 10 worst Microsoft Product

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Microsoft is giant software company.. But not all of their product remains and best.. Some of them failed. I read at about the top 10 worst Microsoft Product Names of All Time

1) 1993: Word 6.0 for Windows:
2) 1995: Microsoft Bob.--> Microsoft Bob was a Microsoft software product, released in March 1995, which provided a new, nontechnical interface to desktop computing operations. Despite its ambitious nature, Bob was one of Microsoft's more visible product failures. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer named Bob as "one project we had undertaken ... where we decided that we have not succeeded and let's stop"
3) 1996-present: Every name ever associated with handheld devices running Microsoft software
4) 2000: .NET
5) 2000: Windows Millennium Edition
6) 2001: HailStorm
7) 2004: Windows Genuine Advantage
8) 2004: PlaysForSure
9) 2006: 2007 Microsoft Office System
10)2008: Windows Live Essentials:

Hm.. Not all of the product I know.. But I agree about Windows Millenium Edition.. It is suck.. I've used it just for 2 months before switch to XP...

So who think Microsoft is perfect??


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