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Add url - Free Image Hosting for us

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I've read at JohnChow article about another Free Image Hosting,

Yeah.. It is best to use especially 'FREE term' and no ads appear on the website..The website offers what hundreds of others do: a storage for your image files, which can be later used on your weblog, as a signature on a forum or simply as a method of sharing picture with your friends.
The best using this picture hosting is :-

* Upload images up to 3.5MB in size
* Very easy to use interface
* Multiple upload with only one click
* Unlimited uploads
* Automatic image resizing
* Fast and reliable servers
* No banners

I just use it for my picture.. And it is awesome.. No more limited bandwidth like Photobucket or Google Pages, enjoy unlimited bandwidth! No more sponsored ads like Imageshack, enjoy ads free web page! is a great image hosting site - free, simple to use, good clear instructions and best of all you don’t even have to sign up

Read their blog..

Review from other's user :-
Simple Though


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Free Hosting said... 1:59 AM

thanks for sharing..

u can also find many of free web hosting in here

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