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SocialGo , social network maker ?

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SocialGO lets us easily create and run a feature-filled social networking website. We choose who can join, what they can do and how it looks and the best part is it's free to get going.
SocialGO creates a flexible, fun social networking website for us and our group. It is stand-alone or can simply be bolted onto an existing site if need be.

SocialGO enables us to create an online community website which can be ran stand-alone or bolted onto an existing website. Features include communication stuff like (instant) messaging, content-sharing for photos and videos, blogging tools, event management tabs, an API.

Join it now..
It is just a fun social network to use..

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1 Response to "SocialGo , social network maker ?"

Alex Halliday said... 12:22 PM

Thanks for taking the time to check out SocialGO!

Alex Halliday


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