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Open gates using mobile phone??

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WHoa.. Just a new features for me from Dial2Open System
Read this
Forget the conventional Remote controls, Keypads and Intercoms as you can now control your gates and garage doors from your existing Mobile Phone using the new dial2open system.

Just speed dial a secure number from your Mobile or land-line and the dial2open system will read your number as authorised, open the gate and without any call cost.

Is that not easier then carrying around separate remote controls or getting in and out of vehicles in the rain to use keypads and intercoms.
Virtually everybody now carries a Mobile Phone.
* Can be installed into any new or existing gate or garage door system!
* Tried tested and proven in 1000s of installations worldwide!
* Simple to use, programme and operate!
* Secure caller id technology installed!
* Works from anywhere in the world!

Wow.. DOn't you thin it amazing!!.. YOu don't have to buy any remote ..W
So try yourself.. Click the picture to their website


6 Responses to "Open gates using mobile phone??" said... 9:16 PM

Dial2open have just launched the product GSM-AUTO REMOTE CONTROL FOR PREHEATERS
GSM-AUTO IS COMPATIBLE WITH MOST PREHEATERS FOR AIRCRAFT,BOATS,CARS AND TRUCKS. is compatable with winnibago motor homes. is compatable with all the rang rover preheaters. is compatable with webasto preheaters. is compatable with elsar preheaters. is compatable with kenlowe preheaters. is a division of the witura group of companies.
witura also make the dial2open and the gsm-com intercoms. have asigned a licence to sell the product to a large aircraft supplier in america and canada.
dial2open product range now includes a new unique programming system can also be used for controlling heating and lighting.
dial2open is on utube
gsm=auto is on utube
dial2lite is on utube

Dial2open said... 9:23 PM

GSM-AUTO is a new system for operating preheaters from a Mobile Phone.
You can also control preheaters from a cell phone.
GSM-AUTO.COM is a fantastic new product from the dial2open company.
dial2open make gsm remote controls.
quantekshop sell dial2open
quantekshop sell gsm-auto products
gsm-auto is dialed to operate
gsm-auto is quad band
gsm-auto is sold worldwide
gsm-auto is available now.
dial2open now produce a low cost gsm intecom and callpoint
open gates with a mobile
open gates with a cell phone
open gates with a landline phone
dial2open has 2 outputs
dial2open has 1 alarm input

Anonymous said... 7:21 AM is a great product

Anonymous said... 7:22 AM

dial2open is a great new product

Anonymous said... 11:50 PM

Hey, this dial2open thing is rubbish. We had one instaled on our garage and it never worked. the installer couldnt even get the mioney back and in the end disappeared so we were stuck with it. i wouldnt go near this. absolute garbage!!!

Anonymous said... 11:51 PM

similar happened to us although we got a different make installed and it has worked failed.


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