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Web Media Toolkit Review

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Web Media Toolkit:

Web Media Toolkit is a comprehensive collection of professionally-designed elements created with webmasters and web media developers like yourself in mind. This is no ordinary collection; it spans over 24,000 individual building blocks that will inspire you and bring new life to all your creations.
It is a good toolkit to designing breath-taking websites, blogs, videos, podcasts and online presentation.

They provide 4,719 Stock photos. No matter what your project is about, you'll always find a stunning photo to make it stand out from the pack. From Architecture to Zoo animals, every category in this collection is packed with professional photos hand-picked by designers to make a long-lasting impression.

7,048 Clip-art images
You'll also receive a flexible collection of vector-based clip-art images. These small illustrations are highly customizable to fit virtually every design need. Use them as main graphic elements or as attention-grabbers throughout your pages. Use them in full or break them apart and use only the parts you need. They're perfect for logo designs and even as visual accents...

1,500 Pen & Ink classic illustrations
This vast array of hand-made illustrations are sure to please even the most demanding web designers. Elegant, subtle and understated, each timeless image in this collection has the power to make your online productions more attractive in minutes.

1,200 Web-ready business icons
Quickly and easily spruce up your web pages with this ready-to-use web icon collection. Good icons are attractive and instantly draw the eye and communicate concepts with clarity... without being too distracting. Every single icon in this collection passes the test with flying colors!

7,387 Designer fonts
Typography is the bread and butter of every pro designer. With this huge selection of fonts on your side, you'll always find the perfect typeface for every purpose and occasion. Many of our customers tell us that the font collection alone is worth ten times the price of admission!

75 Royalty-free music tracks
From bossa-nova to techno, this fresh collection of full-length music tracks will dazzle your audience. They are perfect for online videos, podcasts, camtasia presentations, flash animations and more... your imagination is the only limit!

101 Podcast-ready intros & outros
These short (30-40 seconds long) music clips are used to set the mood and give a memorable identity to your podcasts and videos. Plus, you can also use them as background music and audio texture treatments for internet radio ads.

2,500 Professional sound effects
Adding sizzle to your audio productions is a snap with this great collection of sound effects. From cows and monkeys to stealth bombers and heavy machinery, every single one of these small audio clips packs a big punch.

Wow.. What a gallery.. And the price is cheap.. Only $47 for the media..

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