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Funny Signs on Japanese Metro Trains

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I'm sorry especially to subscriber,..
This week is very busy for me..I've work to do at office and setup my online project.
I am very tired to write but I get some idea from my inbox.. Look at this picture.. Sign from Japanese Metro Trains

Japan funny sign

.... The sign
' Priority seats for .... '
From left to right
1. Person with injured arm
2. Person holding a child
3. Pregnant woman.
4. Person with injured legs

Ha haha.. Isn't it insane.. I think they are to creative to attract people


3 Responses to "Funny Signs on Japanese Metro Trains"

myadlan said... 6:17 AM

yea.. senang je salah intepret simbol2 tuh..

kombizz said... 12:17 AM

It is interesting how Japanese see human injuries like this!

Cashmere said... 9:10 PM

Haha! The left picture looks like a guy who's erected!! LOL!
Funny... How come I didn't notice this when I was there..


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