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Sell Digital Goods

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I think some of us really thinking how to sell digital goods ..
And maybe most of us failed to success in the business..
I've found a nice tools for anybody who want to join online business..

This is the main feature of this software

* DigiVendor is written for Paypal & uses Paypal's IPN technology (note, DigiVendor can run alongside other IPN scripts & does not require your one and only Paypal IPN URL slot).
* Generates purchase buttons. Just copy and paste the code into your website. Great flexibility!
* Generates your choice of Paypal "buy now / immediate purchase", "shopping cart / add to cart" or "text link" purchase code. The choice is yours.
* Protect your file locations! Hides the URL of your files!
* Limit downloads. You can set the number of times that your customer is allowed to download a file.
* Instantly emails your customer with download instructions after they complete the purchase!
* Option : Do you want to automatically send an email without any file? You sure can!
* Paypal purchase code spoofing/hacking protection. DigiVendor detects if someone has tampered with your Paypal purchase form code & will refuse to deliver your product if the price (etc) has been tampered with.
* Supports secure download of all digital product file types (ZIP, RAR, ACE, MP3, EXE, PSD, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF etc) on most servers.
* Supports all Paypal currencies.

From the specification it shows that the security is good..
Don't wait until this software become bang and they will up the price..
Click this to know more or order


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