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How to cut mp3 files

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Hello all readers.. I think most of you know about ringtone.. ANd with the new technology, mp3 a source to create ringtone.. But it aint easy coz ringtone provider not always satisfied with our needs..
An mp3 is too short or too long.. So why don't you use your mp3 collection as your ringtone.. Yes, I know your mp3 is too long but you want to use it about 10 second.. SO why don't using software that can cut your mp3

I just download and using a software from aivsoft
The software named MP3 cutter version 1.3.. I just using this software to cut mp3 song to make it shorter..
The quality of the mp3 files not reduced .. And I can use the song to my sony ericsson K320i.. It is awesome coz I can change the ringtone with my favorite song and in small amount of file..
So why buy ringtone if you can build it yourself??

Ops.. the mp3 also can be used to your presentation and more.. Nice eh..

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