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Changing the Way the World Looks at the Internet!'

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I have submit this blog to a search engine.. Not very popular such as google and yahoo but it help me to increase traffic... Not much but it is free..

Look at the description from the website
Unlike other search engines, gives YOU the power to determine how your web page will be listed and the phrases and keywords that your web page will be found under. uses the title, description, and page text found on your web page as the title and description in your listing.

When you submit a web page to, it will be put on the list of web pages to be evaluated by our editors, who will gather a thumbnail image of your web page as well as the title, description, and keywords.
After your web page is evaluated, you will receive an email which will contain your web page listing information. If your web page is already in our listings, it will be scheduled to be re-evaluated. To check if your web page is already listed, you may go to the listing search page. Entering comments is optional. Category, country, and postal information is optional as well, though only listings that contain this information can be included in our directory. You may also go to the Listing Manager to edit your listing categories.

It have been display my blog on their listing..

Just go to


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