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How to chating without downloading

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Hello all readers.. Do u like chating via instant messenger such as yahoo messenger, MSN, Google Talk, MySpace and AIM buddies.I think most of you like chating. To chating you must download some tools..
It is boring time to download and waiting for installation.. And it gets more annoying if your office blocked you from download anything..

Ebuddy is an alternative tool to enable chating using web browser..all you need is a Javascript enabled browser on your computer. You can access eBuddy from any computer or location and it even works behind a firewall. Whether you're at home, school, at the library or at work, surf over to eBuddy and login with your account to start chatting - it's as easy as that!

When you're on the road, outdoors or traveling you can use the mobile version of eBuddy to chat with your buddies. Every mobile device that supports xHTML or WAP can be used; this includes Cell Phones, PDA's, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS!

So just try yourself


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