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Happy Independence Day and Ramadhan Al Mubarak

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I think maybe I won't posting any article for this week..
My computer is still down and not repairing..
A bit frustrated .. ALmost 2 weeks and they can't do nothing...
They recommend me to change hard disc.. Huh.. It make me mad and I want to get back my PC but they close their shop early ...

But eventhough I'm really angry but I wish to all Malaysian.. Happy Independence Day on 31th Ogos 2008..

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and for all muslim ' Happy Ramadhan Al Mubarak '.. Hope we can become better person after this..

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1 Response to "Happy Independence Day and Ramadhan Al Mubarak"

myadlan said... 4:49 AM

slmt menyambut kemerdekaan dan bulan ramadhan al-mubarak juga..


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