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How to Remove XP Antivirus Spyware/ Malware

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[Warning: The "XP Antivirus" spyware/malware type ad has been hitting a lot of sites recently through some bad ad networks. Do not trust any site/ad that says your computer is infected. Most likely it isn't. Even if it was, ignore their offering and always stick with reputable brands. When in doubt, do a search for the name of the company first. For those who are infected with the XP antivirus tool (you are infected if you keep seeing popups every couple of pages), you should get a technically knowledgeable friend to help disinfect your computer.

Here are 2 lists of good tools how to remove : (I recommend AVG and


4 Responses to "How to Remove XP Antivirus Spyware/ Malware"

online operating system support said... 2:36 AM

With the Web on the desktop every where virus/spyware has became a common part of todays computing experience.. No one can ever imagine to escape the risk but then as the old saying prevention is better than cure..

antivirus solution's are one should opt for.. but then we can not ever rely on any one...

AntivirusExpert said... 6:26 AM

I agree; 5 years ago XP antivirus wouldn't have done so much damage to computers worldwide, now it's become a curse of the Web. The removal procedures that worked yesterday are useless today. This scam migrates from website to website, constantly changing its malicious code to stay under the radar of security programs. Funny, a number of AV's don't detect XP antivirus.

Free Blog Service said... 11:17 AM

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PC Antivirus Update said... 1:28 AM

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