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Make more money... Click Cash

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Make more money online??

I just found one program to make us earn more money online..Click Cash..
What is Clickcash
ClickCash is Megabucks Commission Center. ClickCash rewards - in cold cash -- for recommending the world's best-converting, most original, innovative, and successful websites. Through its relationships with Clickcash participating sites such as, you can earn as much as $80 per free trial credit card signup.

This is TOP TEN REASONS why CLICKCASH.COM is the best webmaster associates program on earth:

1. A $50 "welcome" bonus -- just for joining clickcash -- credited to your account immediately after filling out the form, before you refer even a single visitor to a ClickCash internet service like iFriends. (The easiest $50 you'll ever make!)
2. Weekly checks, with no lags (Checks cut just one business day following close of Sunday-Saturday measurement period). Federal Express and Wires, too!
3. Tens of millions of dollars paid to tens of thousands of webmasters and video chathosts, since 1996.
4. Programs that pay out as much as $80 per free-trial credit-card signup, such as iFriends. (Click "Payouts" to the left).
5. Awesome conversion with Clickcash websites like iFriends: We convert your traffic into cash for more than 200,000 unbeatable reasons: incredible selection that can be tailored to any audience: iFriends has not two rooms, not five rooms, not ten rooms, but more than 200,000 live, searchable VideoChat rooms!
6. ClickCash pays you not only for driving traffic to ClickCash websites, but also for referring new webmasters and associates to ClickCash! (You earn 10% of the commissions paid to your referred webmaster, and 10% of his referral commissions, and so on and so on, into infinity. We call it "The Power of 10")
7. Operated by WebPower, the oldest, most established and most respected name in Internet Content and Associates Programs. (More than five years ago, we invented the Click Cash concept)
8. iFriends is truly live. Tens of thousands of live videochat rooms, and no prerecorded crap. Ever.
9. ClickCash members regularly generate conversion ratios at iFriends better than 50:1, and revenue per click in excess of 50 cents; many accounts earn more than $1 per click.
10. Topic and genre-specific videochat categories can be tailored to your audience. We have banners, linktext and chatroom categories for all specialties and interests, ranging from mainstream rooms to adult; and more.
11. will gladly serve all your creative & banners; we use our bandwidth to save you money. (Of course, you can also serve your own creative yourself -- Clickcash goes both ways!) Plus, our supersonic web-based reporting engine tells you which links and banners are producing the best revenue, enabling you to maximize the power of your traffic.

Is it worthy to use or not??
Don't know .But just try... It is free..


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poohdedoo said... 6:41 PM

Useful Stuff!! :)


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