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Zango ?? Is it worthy to use???

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ZangoSearch (Zango Toolbar, Zango Search, Adware.ZangoSearch) is a special Internet Explorer toolbar with search function. ZangoSearch monitors user Internet activity and opens partner web sites when it detects specific keywords that the user enters into the web browser's search field or shopping sites. This malware automatically runs on every Windows startup. ZangoSearch can slow your internet connection. It is hard to remove ZangoSearch, because it is able to restore itself after removing.

It is worthy to use??

It seems some of affiliater complaining about losing the commissions since some new version of Zango was released. Zango's blog denies they mess with affiliate cookies, but also says "Zango works directly with administrators of Affiliate Programs to ensure the proper tracking of sales for the program and its affiliates." What the heck does that mean? It is means that they can trace our affiliates.. SO do you think using Zango is worthy???

I am a rapidlibrary user but nowadays Zango seems to interupt my download.. They appears zango download and it make me nuts. DO you have any solutions to stop this toolbars from appears at this website??? Please help me..

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6 Responses to "Zango ?? Is it worthy to use???"

Zango Support said... 4:55 AM

In the above post Zango is listed as a threat.
We would like to correct this listing.

Zango is a safe and secure program and is tested daily to make sure it is always safe.

We are certainly aware of the ever-growing number of harmful applications that have surfaced on the Web.
Please be assured that Zango, unlike such applications, will always make the user’s privacy our top priority. Zango is a safe and secure program which installs only upon user's download and does nothing without the user's consent.

Following are some clarifications on the function of Zango's software:

1. Zango does not build personal profiles.
2. Zango does not gather any data you enter in online forms.
3. Zango does not access any sensitive information entered while surfing, such as account details, passwords, credit card information, products you purchase online, etc.
4. Zango’s installation does not install any third party applications. In addition, Zango can be installed only through a standard download process initiated by the user from Zango's websites and is easy to uninstall.

Unfortunately, it appears that some scanning applications have mistakenly included Zango on their lists. We are aware of this situation and our legal team is contacting these companies in order to be removed from their lists.

Zango is a user friendly program, and it is of paramount importance to us that our program will function properly and will be easily installed and removed.
You can remove Zango from your computer via Add or Remove programs (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove programs), you may use our uninstaller and you may also use the uninstall instructions we offer under the Zango component in the program’s list.
Following this procedure, Zango and all Zango related components will be completely removed from your computer.

To remove Zango from your computer, please do the following:

1. Close all open applications/programs/windows
2. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
3. Find Zango on the list
4. Click the Change/Remove button
5. Check the components you wish to remove, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions.
6. Restart your computer

Alternatively, you can use our uninstaller:
1. Click on the following link -
2. Click Run and follow on-screen instructions
3. Restart your computer.

Zango support team can be easily contacted through our help site:
or directly at:

manga to read said... 1:32 AM

Good explanation but I hate when Zango pop up is automatically appears when I open

Anonymous said... 9:03 PM

Zango is really a program that supports the spywares and pop-up ads that disrupts the speed of your pc...

I download it once coz some websites need it then I tried scanning my pc for spywares or bugs or anything then I come up with over 83 spywares and 268 infected files but the most noticeable thing I saw is that Zango is labeled as a dangerous threat it's 2nd to the highest threat and description says that "have a potential to support spywares"

I don't know about your decision but trust me Zango is like a super bug that is lying undetected unless scanned just don't download it.

Anonymous said... 4:05 AM

To Mr. zangosupport,

You're a motherfucking lying piece of shit.

After I installed ZANGO, I received sooo many annoying pop-up adds, solicitations, and even prompts to download FAKE ANTI-SPYWARE programs. My computer became soooo OVERWHELMED with adds and spyware/malware that I could no longer perform search engine inquiries on ANY of the major search engines. I couldn't even check my friggin' email!!!!

If Zango is such a helpful tool, then how come so many of your online vendors, such as, are receiving thousands of complaints from their users about Zango?

Yes, it was stupid of me to be tricked into downloading your Zango tripe, but at least now I've learned my lesson and can spread the word about the evils of Zango.

Thank God I was able to uninstall your piece of crap program using Spybot Search and Destroy.


Fuck you, Zango, and your mother . . .

Anonymous said... 4:02 PM

Use the Opera browser to visit Rapidlibrary (or 4MegaUpload) to avoid the Zango popup.
In Firefox, install NoScript addon and it will prevent Zango from appearing when you click on the Rapidlibrary link as well

Anonymous said... 8:56 PM

Recently, a website that I always visited started using Zango, so naturally, I got it so that I could continue using the site.
Big mistake.
Not 3min. had gone by when I was bombarded with pop-ups that I normally never see with my current toolbar, and immediately after that, my computer started its own virus scan to find what was messing with it. It found one high risk threat for being a doorway for spyware, and its name was Zango.
I uninstalled that thing so fast, and let norton deal with getting rid of the rest of it (which it did), but since then I haven't been able to go back to that site since they're so in love with Zango.
Don't download it, don't look at it, don't even say hi. I've read several pcnews articles since then that even say it's no good and to avoid it if you can.
Zango, go away and leave us alone you lying creeps.


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