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I think most of you familiar with yahoo messenger, msn messenger or gtalk.. I've received invitation from my cyber friends to using this web based Ajax chat service, Radius Im.
It allows users to log in with Yahoo, AIM, MSN or GTalk credentials..RadiusIM is the only Web site that shows you where your friends are hanging out and lets you surf for other people based on location.
And you can use radiusIM from anywhere because there are no downloads.Good stuff for alternative chatting..RadiusIM has nice, clean, ad-free Web interface..Your buddy list appears in a window on the right side of the Web page..

Disadvantage of this tools are slower to register and log in.. Sometimes it makes me frustrated to use it especially my connection is very slow...

Try Radius IM now.. . And now they reach a millions of user .. A very big network for you to use it..


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