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Financial Management for me..

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I just read an article about a lucky girl that suddenly becoma a milliionaire from lottery but after 3 years she become poor again..
Hey how can you get 9.4 million and after 3 years you must find a job to support your life.. Huhuhuhuhu. I don't understand how you become poor after receiving 9.5 Million.. Look like she is crazy to buy all the goods without thinking about investment and financial managemet..
So I just surf blogz how to manage our financial even we dont earn much money... KCLau blog focussing more about personal finance money tips give me some idea how to manage my earning.. He compiling lots of tips and advices on personal financial planning.. I think it is good for us to learn and using the tips for our financial planning..

So do you have any tips to manage your financial??? Come on let's share with me....

I'm sorry coz this article is quite boring..

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3 Responses to "Financial Management for me.."

Sapphire said... 10:14 AM

It is a typical story of lottery winners. Most lottery winners are average people who know very little about investing or how to start their own business that is why they are not rich to begin with and why they end up spending it all without making much in the way of wise investments. To be wealthy you have to develop the right mindset and habits. Also, luck plays a bit of a part in it too. If your timing is off, you won't be successful in what you set out to do.

MuDiva said... 2:58 PM

I agree with the above poster, most people that win the lottery have absolutely no concept on how to invest money. It's really a shame.

manga to read said... 12:30 AM

But 9.5 million is big money..
How come she become poor after 3 years??
I think if she saving on deposit cash she won't do any job for his entire life.. But spent on the business that they not expert.. What a waste...

And I think easy money won't last longer


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