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Who's popular this week??

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I think I'm quite frustrated especially found that my blog not increase in the traffic. I just keep on reading another blog and think what topic is good to write now??? So based on my research I think election is one of popular topic for this week..
Hillary Clinton is one of candidates for US president.. I really want to know how this lady using internet medium to gain her popularity coz internet are the most easy and cheaper media..
I am not US citizen but I think this battle is quite interesting..
I read Hillary Clinton and Obama blog for Democrat candidates..
Compare this two blog, I think Obama blog is more interesting.. I think the developer of Obama blog more expertise and knowledgeable than Hillary blog.. He/she knows how to gain more traffic by share the article such as digg , facebook, newsvine, stumble, ..
And his comment is more than 100% than Hillary comments..
So do you think it will effect for the candidate??? So for voters, think carefully about who's you choose..


I hope they will do some contest, maybe who win will give some paypal for internet voters.. Ha ha ha...


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