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How to extract 001-files??

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Most of the archived files that you can download are .zip or .rar extension..But sometimes you will see files with the following filenames: name.001, name.002, name.003 etc, which I will call 001 files.

For most of the archieved file we can use winzip or winrar to extract it but sometimes it won't work..

I've read some tips from rapidleak , neeshu and Binaries4all.. ... The information is useful especially when you have a big files to upload or download via net..

This is recommend software to extract .001 file extension... Hope you can use it..

1. HJsplit
2. 7 Zip

I hope you can solve if you have similar problem.. ADIOS...


2 Responses to "How to extract 001-files??"

Anonymous said... 12:33 PM

Thanks a lot. I tried to extract it with winrar, but that didn't work

Alexis said... 9:06 AM

I like watching films. Some days ago I downloaded some rar archives. As it turned out all of them, were corrupted. Luckily this tool relieved me and is able to aid with some other condition - how to repair corrupt rar file header.


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