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Adbrite keep growth

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For adbrite user. There's a good news. Adbrite received $23 million in funding.. The money comes from current investor Sequoia Capital, as well as from DAG Ventures and Mitsui Ventures. AdBrite launched a real-time auction model this year and was named the third-fastest growing young tech company in North America by Deloitte's Rising Star program.
The funding announcements come as big companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are making acquisitions of ad firms in the hopes of getting a bigger piece of the growing online advertising pie.

It is such a good news for publisher to hear the million funding on adbrite..
This online advertising now serves more than 45,000 website worldwide..The competition among publisher is very good for our earning... So let's advertise adbrite..Hope news from techcrunch about adbrite to lose one third of its ads not happen...

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