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Boring Series

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Boring series...
Hallo all the boring reader... DOn't make your life bored.. SO continue read this blog and your boring life will be shattered away..
Orait today I just feel happy and want to review something maybe a bit controversy for fans of the series.. In my opinion this miniseries have turned from interesting to boring series :-

a) Lost --->> I know maybe many of you not agree with me but after more season I feel this series suck.. The stories much more complicated with more people lost in the island and there's a good and bad group.. I think I've left the series after season 2..

b) Smallville --->> The young Superman now more complicated and can't even understand now..

c) Desperate Housewives---> I'm sorry but I don't think this women is sexy anymore...
I hate this auntie series.. Yuck

How about you all?? DO u have any series that're famous but maybe make you boring now..


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