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how to weave Ketupat?

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Do you know what is Ketupat??

Ketupat is famous dishes among ethics Malays especially durings muslim festive season of Eidul Fitri (marked end of fasting month - Ramadhan) and Eidul Adha (when muslims around the world gather in Mecca to perform Haj).. It is very popular among Malay communities in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand. Ketupat is a savoury rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves. It is usually eaten with rendang (a type of dry beef curry or dry chicken curry) or served as an accompaniment to satay. It is made of white rice wrapped in a square shape young coconut leaves.

Watch this clips from youtube how to weave 'ketupat'
Part 1

Part 2


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