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Hello are you bored too?? So do some interest thing via your pc.. I think most of us have handphone that support mp3.. So why not personalised your true tone??

I always change my true tones even my phone is not very powerful and updated handphone.

I only using Sony Ericcson K320i but it is more than enough for me..
It support mp3, simple camera, GPRS and price also reliable and affordable for me.. To change truetone, you must have USB cable to transfer your file to phone..
With a good software you can edit, your mp3 before upload to your phone.. One of my favourite tools is mp3cutter..

Clik on picture for better view

This software is easy for splitting the audio. Not only for your phone tones you also can use it for any others purpose.. Just try it..
Okay i think i must go to sleep now.. chow..


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